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½ original Cuban

with rice & beans, cup of soup or salad (1 choice)



Bowl of soup & house salad $8.99

(add 1.99 for avocado)

Sandwich Board

All sandwiches are served on pressed Cuban bread with homemade Mariquitas (plantain chips)

Add a side of our special Cilantro dipping sauce 1.00

Add Rice & Beans topped with onions $5.99

Original Cuban

Serrano Ham, slow roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles & mustard



Cuban Wannabe

Original Cuban with added Salami, lettuce, tomatoes, Mayo



Media Noche

Original Cuban on a sweet roll



Pan con Lechon

Pulled Pork, garlic mojo & sautéed onions


Croquetas Preparada 

Cuban sandwich stuffed with 2 Ham Croquettes


Filete de Pescado 

Breaded fried Fish filet, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo


Sandwich de Bacon 

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo


        Pan con Bistec 

Thin steak, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes & potato sticks


Little Habana Pan con Bistec 

Thin steak, grilled onions, French fries & Swiss cheese


Pan con Bistec empanizado 

Breaded palomilla steak, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo


Extra or add on cheese, Onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mojo or potato sticks $.50 each

Add Bacon or extra Pork to any sandwich $2.25

Grilled onions $1.99

*Only original Cubans & Cuban Wannabes will served for dining in after 5PM*

Children’s Meals

(10 and under)

Picadillo with white rice topped with black beans..........$7.49

Roast pork with white rice topped with beans........$7.49

Cuban cheese toast & fries...6.49

Chicken tenders & fries...6.49


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